Announcement: Ben Franklin’s World Is Taking A Break

After 5 years and more than 270 episodes, Ben Franklin’s World is taking a break between January 7 and April 21, 2020.

This break will provide Liz and her teammates on the Omohundro Institute’s Digital Projects Team time to think about some exciting new ideas they’d like to bring to the podcast and time to develop some of those ideas for you. Ben Franklin’s World will be back will all-new episodes on April 21, 2020.

In the meantime, Liz and the Digital Projects Team have created a special playlist for you. It’s a collection of episodes from the Ben Franklin’s World catalog that will help you get a feel for the vast nature of early American history. These episodes will play each Tuesday between January 7 and April 14. You can listen to these episodes through your favorite podcast app or right here, on the BFW website using the player below.

Thank you for listening and for all of your support!