Episode 055: Robb Haberman, John Jay: Forgotten Founder

John Jay
John Jay by Gilbert Stuart, 1793, United States National Gallery of Art

Who was John Jay?

Jay played important and prominent roles during the founding of the United States and yet, his name isn’t one that many would list if asked to name founding fathers.

Today, we explore John Jay and his contributions to the founding of the United States with Robb Haberman, associate editor of The Selected Papers of John Jay documentary editing project.

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Episode Summary

Robb HabermanIn this episode, we explore the life and legacy of John Jay with Robb Haberman, an associate editor of The Selected Papers of John Jay documentary editing project at Columbia University.

During our exploration, Robb reveals who John Jay was and where his family came from; Details about how Jay became involved with the American Revolution and why he supported the Patriot cause; And, John Jay’s role in the ratification debate over the United States Constitution of 1787.

What You’ll Discover

  • John Jay and his accomplishments
  • Jay’s anti-slavery work
  • How and why Jay’s family migrated from France to New York
  • French Huguenots
  • Dutch familial connections
  • How John Jay became involved in the American Revolution
  • Why Jay became a Patriot
  • Why the Continental Congress sent John Jay to serve as the United States' minister to Spain
  • Jay’s experiences in Spain
  • The Federalist Papers and Jay’s involvement with them
  • Jay’s participation in the New York City Doctors’ Riot of 1788
  • Jay’s anonymous pamphlet arguing in favor of the Constitution
  • The Jay Treaty of 1795 and its reception in the United States
  • Why so few Americans remember John Jay
  • The Selected Papers of John Jay Documentary Editing Project


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Time Warp PlainTime Warp Question

In your opinion what might have happened if John Jay hadn’t negotiated the Jay Treaty? How might the history of the United States and Jay’s legacy be different today?

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