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Episode 314: Colin Calloway, Native Americans in Early American Cities

Have you ever considered early American cities as places where Native Americans lived, worked, and visited?

Native Americans often visited early American cities and port towns, especially the towns and cities that dotted the Atlantic seaboard of British North America.

Colin Calloway, an award-winning historian and a Professor History and Native American Studies at Dartmouth College, joins us to investigate Native American experiences in early American cities with details from his book, “The Chiefs Now In This City”: Indians and the Urban Frontier in Early America.

This episode is supported by an American Rescue Plan grant to the Omohundro Institute from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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Episode Summary

Colin Calloway, the John Kimball Jr. 1943 Professor of History and a Professor of Native American Studies at Dartmouth College, and the author of the book “The Chiefs Now In This City”: Indians and the Urban Frontier in Early America, joins us to investigate Native American visits to and experiences in early American cities.

During our investigation, Colin reveals why it’s important to understand interactions and diplomatic relationships between Native American peoples and white Europeans and Americans; Why Native Americans visited early American cities; And, how Native Americans experienced early American city life and entertainment.

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