Episode 350: Stacy Schiff, The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams

Before the American Revolution became a war and a fight for independence, the Revolution was a movement and protest for more local control of government. So how did the American Revolution get started? Who worked to transform a series of protests into a revolution?

This is a BIG question with no one answer. But one American who worked to transform protests into a coordinated revolutionary movement was a Boston politician named Samuel Adams.

Stacy Schiff, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, joins us to explore and investigate the life, deeds, and contributions of Samuel Adams using details from her book, The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams.

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Episode Summary

Stacy Schiff joins us to investigate the life and deeds of Samuel Adams using details from her new book, The Revolutionary: Samuel Adams. Schiff is a multiple-award and Pulitzer Prize-winning author who has written six books.

During our investigation of Adams, Stacy reveals what we know about Samuel Adams’s life and education; How Adams made politics his career and his successes and failures in politics; And some of the work Adams did to transform protests and debates over imperial taxation into a revolution for social and political change.

What You’ll Discover

  • Why write a biography about Samuel Adams
  • How people referred to Samuel Adams
  • Samuel Adams’s childhood and early life
  • Adams’s social network
  • Adams’s ideas about politics and his classical education
  • Adams’s relationship with his first wife, Elizabeth Checkley
  • Samuel Adams’s early jobs and careers
  • Adams Family Wealth
  • The Massachusetts Land Bank Crisis of 1741
  • Religion in Samuel Adams’s life
  • Adams’s interest in politics
  • Samuel Adams, Boston Market Clerk
  • Samuel Adams, Boston Tax Collector
  • Samuel Adams, the Revolutionary
  • James Otis’s influence on Samuel Adams
  • Samuel Adams becomes a leader in the American Revolution
  • How Adams shaped the Boston Massacre into a massacre
  • Thomas Hutchinson and Samuel Adams
  • Samuel Adams and Boston revolutionary mobs
  • Adams’s leadership as the Revolution turns into a war
  • Samuel Adams, Continental Congressman
  • Samuel Adams, Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Massachusetts

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