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Episode 361: Fourth of July in 2026

July 4, 2023 marks the 247th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States. In three short years, we will be marking the 250th anniversary of these events.

How are historians thinking about the American Revolution for 2026? What are they discussing when it comes to the 250th anniversary of the United States’ founding?

Lindsay M. Chervinsky, Ronald Angelo Johnson, and Kariann Akemi Yokota join us to answer these questions. All three guests are historians of the American Revolutionary Era who research the American Revolution from different perspectives.‌

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Ben Franklin’s World is a podcast about early American history.

It is a show for people who love history and for those who want to know more about the historical people and events that have impacted and shaped our present-day world.

Each episode features a conversation with a historian who helps us shed light on important people and events in early American history.

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Episode Summary

We are joined by three historians who can help us better understand how historians are thinking about the American Revolution for 2026. Lindsay M. Chervinsky studies the American Revolution from the vantage point of early presidential history. Ronald Angelo Johnson is a diplomatic historian who investigates the American Revolution within the broader Age of Revolutions, which the American Revolution helped begin. And Kariann Akemi Yokota is a cultural historian who studies the American Revolution from an international perspective.

During our conversation, our guest historians reveal how they define and think about the American Revolution as an event; Why historians are advocating for an inclusive and accurate history of the American Revolution for 2026; And how our guests are thinking about the legacy of the American Revolution nearly 250 years later.‌

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