Episode 379: Susan H. Brandt, Women Healers in Early America

Book cover for Women Healers by Susan H. BrandtWomen make up eight out of every ten healthcare workers in the United States. Yet they lag behind men when it comes to working in the roles of medical doctors and surgeons.

Why has healthcare become a professional field dominated by women and yet women represent a minority of physicians and doctors who serve at the top of the healthcare field?

Susan H. Brandt, a historian and lecturer at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, seeks to find an answer to these questions. In doing so, she takes us into the rich history of women healers with details from her book, Women Healers: Gender, Authority, and Medicine in Early Philadelphia.

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Episode Summary

Headshot of Susan H. Brandt, author of Women HealersSusan H. Brandt is a historian and former nurse practitioner. She’s a Lecturer at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Her research focuses on women and gender and the history of medicine and health in early America, and she’s the author of Women Healers: Gender, Authority, and Medicine in Early Philadelphia.

During our investigation of women healers, Susan reveals information about the roles women performed as healers during the early modern period; How women created and passed down medical knowledge from one culture and one generation to the next; And, why and how women’s roles as healers and medical practitioners became obscured and erased form our collective historical memory.

What You’ll Discover

  • The kinds of medical practices women healers performed
  • Women in Quaker communities
  • Guilerma Penn
  • The Lady Bountiful
  • 17th and 18th-century recipe books kept by women healers
  • How women learned healing skills
  • Cross-cultural exchange between European, Indigenous, and Black healers
  • Elizabeth Coates Paschall
  • Hannah Freeman
  • Black women healers during the Philadelphia yellow fever epidemic of 1793
  • Sarah Bass
  • Republican Motherhood
  • The cult of domesticity
  • Women’s continued participation in the medical field
  • The legacy of early American women healers

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